Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Me and the boyfriend has a nice evening last night. He didn't go to class since he had to work late. I didn't like the fact that he wasn't in class but I was glad to see him. He made fried pork chops again because we are on the *Have a coronary at an early age* diet. Ohh good times.
I had a feeling that he didn't want to share his little raggedy (did that sound bitter) pork chops with me but I ate one anyway and it was good, dammit.

The other half has decided to make this his "overtime" week at work so he's getting up an hour earlier than we usually do.

On Monday, he was such a sweetie, he got up and showered in the guest bathroom (which he has titled: His Bathroom). He even closed the bedroom door so the noise wouldn't bother me, that allowed me to sleep until 7am, aww how sweet.

Back to Reality

As a side note, let me tell ya this part:
He simply refuses to use his own alarm clock so once mine went off at 6am (as he instructed me the night before to set it to) he let that bastard blast in my ear for about a minute before I was FORCED to wake up and turn it off

So anywhoooo...
This morning he wakes up at the crack of whatever and does the following:

1. Jumps out of bed like a damn fireman, shaking the bed the whole way

2. Turns on the dressing room/vanity light, which mind you is the brightest light, second only to the sun. Picture a line of clear bulbs like they use on dressing room tables on broadway and multiply it by 6000, got it?? Last month, when the maintenance guy came to replace some of the bulbs, I swear, I got a little suntan each morning.

3. Turns on the sink FULL BLAST!! Did I tell you we live in an old building with plumbing from hell and wen the hot water gets "hot" the faucet makes a high pitched squeal (kinda like Belly's snot whistle, I'll add a link here later)

4. Starts shuffling shit around on his night stand. He claims that he looking for his What the hell do you need cortizone for??
4. Part two: He then feels the need to turn on the OVERHEAD light in the bedroom to search for said cortizone.
4. Part three: he hits something on the table that sounded like a GONG..what?? yes, a gong.

5. I finally open my eyes to glare at him and he says the customary "What??" with the usual bewildered look that all men have when they say "What??"

Needless to say, I didn't get any extra sleep THIS morning..dammit I love him

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