Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Go Grease(ed?) Lightning Go

At around 3am, we were awakened with such a fright - isn't that from Scrooge or something?

Anywhoo, we were woken up by something that I liken to a god damn BOMB!! I swear it was so loud, I peed a little (god I always say "too much" on this thing)

The other half jumped up and looked out the window but the rapid succession of lightning and loud thunder told his brave ass to get back from the window. As if loud bomb noises weren't enough, all the car alarms on the street were going off..especially that hateful, cheap ass, aftermarket alarm that my neighbor has set on "feather" or "slight breeze". One night I'm going to disassemble that piece of shit .

Because we're smart and have about 6 months of college between us, we figured out that lightning must have hit a transformer acroos the road..(power only blinked off for a second)
Well, just like a man, the other half fell right back to sleep. Of course I'm wide damn awake after making that much needed run to the potty.

I wanted to turn the TV on to see if, god forbid, a tornado was coming but the stupid thing wouldn't turn on. A few years back, my dumb ass thought it would be a good idea to but the "floor model" TV in Circuit City 'cuz it was such a good everytime the power goes out, you have to unplug the TV for 5 minutes, plug it back in and then you can watch it..stupid huh?

Anyway, I got the "evil mumble" from the other half for making noise and after about an hour, I was able to go back to sleep. Now I'm all sleepy and hateful..

What else is new??

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