Friday, August 04, 2006

LET THE MAN-FEST BEGIN!! (oh please..)

Last night the other half got a haircut, it's been 3 weeks and you'd think he was about to die by the way he was bitching and complaining this whole time.
It looks really good but you'd swear he was a damn super-model..sauntering around wearing sunglasses and slathering on Carmex all night..yes I said wearing sunglasses at night..I'm living with P. Diddy's retarded twin.

I plan on going out with the girls tonight so the other half dropped me off at work this morning. Thanks for leaving me with the UN-air conditioned ya..mean it.

Somehow in one of the "man meetings", it was decided that he would drive his nice "new" car on the road trip. I guess since I don't technically own that car, I can't tell him what to do with it but...
He has this friend who likes to partake of certain green plants if ya know what I mean.

All I need is to get a phone call from the state police sometime this weekend talkin' 'bout:

Miss Linka72, we have detained the other half for blah blah..posession..blah blah..trafficking..blah blah

I hope everything goes well..I definitely do not have bail money this week.

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