Thursday, August 31, 2006

You RUDE Son of A...

I facilitated a meeting at work yesterday.

Belly decided that this would be a good time to catch up on his "beauty" sleep. That jackass actually started snoring at one point!!! My co-workers kept having to nudge him to keep his fat ass awake the whole time. He is such an embarassment, sitting there with his hands neatly folded across his buddah gut like nothing was wrong, head just a noddin'. He looked like a bobblehead
He did pipe up towards the end with some obscure, bullshit point he was trying to make and everybody just stared at him.

Today one of our call center computer tools was down. You would have thought that somebody shot him in his kneecap by the way he was over there cryin' "I can't do my job" and "This is really messing me up" and 'What are we gonna do??" blah fuckin' blah
I felt like I was talking someone off of a damn ledge!! I eventually "manned" up and told him that he didn't have to be the office martyr and that no one in management was going to blame him because the tool went down..fucking common sense to me, but to him???.... jeesuuusss

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tod said...

fortunately,there aren't too many people in this world like your co-worker,(the preceding statement was sarcasm,in case there was any doubt)