Thursday, August 10, 2006

Figuring out ways to slit my own throat...

Okay I'm stuck with Belly and Annoying Old Song Guy, damn that's a long name....let's call him SHORTY.

Ok, my other cube mate is out of the office so here I sit, stuck with Belly the snot whistle king and Shorty, the very politically INcorrect, old song singer.

Shorty has a new song: Freak Out by Chic..god help me.

As I said before, I'm a "fluffy" myself but Belly is one big motherfucker. Curiously, he has no ass. I mean it's non-existent. I guess it's all being sucked forward. Weird.
Do you ever get this weird urge to stare at people just so you can try to figure out what the hell happened to them??
I'm quite impressed by how he can tuck his shirt in, it's an engineering feat I tell ya!!


raker said...

Hi, I found you through BloggerChicks. I'd just like to say, you're hilarious. It's always refreshing to find someone who isn't... "oh the world is so pretty, and I don't like that person, but it's ok, we can still be friends!" Keep hating! :)

Blogsecrets said...

Wow sounds like you could do with better coworkers

Max said...

Dang. I thought I was the only one who stared at folks to try to get a clearer picture of what in hell happened to them.

Genetics? Bad food choices? Seriously, what the heck happened.

All this rambling to say, this is my first time here and you are hysterical!