Monday, July 24, 2006

Snot Whistle Just A-Blowin'

Ok, How do you tell a person they need a new septum?

Belly came in from lunch today breathing heavy as usual after climbing the flight of steps to get here (as usual).
He felt the need to speak to me while he was slamming his slop down (as usual)

His snot whistle was so high pichted that it actually hurt my ears. Maybe I'm part canine or something.

He's getting fatter, poor thing and he needs a shave. It's like looking at an obese Grizzly Adams...with glasses..and a nose flute
The bigger he gets, the more the "man-giggle" turns into a chortle of sorts.

It's killing me how he can't hear it. I guess it's like people who stink but they're so used to it, they can't smell it

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