Monday, July 10, 2006

Treasure Hunters on NBC

I swear to god, I will slap a certain person's face off.
Tonight she had one of her usual "breakdowns"
She claims to be fainting after walking a little while in the swamp so her mom says: "Let your Dad carry your pack honey"
so she screams at her (also overly-dramatic) mom: "NO!!!!WHAT PART OF THAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND!!!???"
I thought you "couldn't go on"...
How dare you talk to your mom that way..and you call yourself "holy"
My mom would have kicked my behind all over that swamp and left me there.
Then her parents had the nerve to come back and get her..sad

I texted the correct answer twice...didn't win..aarrrrgggg!!!

Some stupid kids are shooting fireworks off outside...crackheads..ooops their dad is a REAL crackhead..think it's contagious??

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Mushy said...

Oh didn't you hate her...she's gone eliminated in a church...God must hate her too!