Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sugar Fest, How to maim and/or kill your boyfriend for the insurance money

Ok so I'm still awake..The other half just got back from school and claims that I'm trying to kill him for the insurance money.
He opened an upper cabinet to get the peanut butter and a can or corn fell out "nearly killing him" as he described. I'm sure it was nowhere near that perilous.
Drama attracts Drama..we're made for each other.

He's going to be sick...mark my words.

I watched him make a peanut butter AND syrup sandwich on white bread..ewww Then to top it off.. he decided to get the last Honey Bun (eww he can have it, see my earlier post titled: How Much??!!??)
I jokingly said: Why don't ya just put the Honey Bun IN your sandwich??
HE ACTUALLY DID IT!! He washed it all down with a glass of FULL FAT, VITAMIN D milk..
I'll place the customary bucket by the bed tonight.

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