Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oh Shut the Hell UP!! (Part Deux)


Aw hell, he's back and on full irritate.
He had the nerve o ask if I missed him.
Me: (Thinking) Oh shit no!!
Me: (Outloud) [Insert fake laugh here] How was your vacation??
Me: (Thinking) As if I really want to hear about you being the family martyr and working yourself stupid around your house while your wife sits on her ass all day and steals your money while you're asleep..but I digress..
He tried to get me to look at him again today.
He's like a damn kid sometimes.."Look, Look, Look, Look" - SHUT UP DAMMMIT!!
Luckily the phone rang and I was saved by the bell so to speak.

We had another "snot whistle moment" after lunch. I baked something and of course he had to eat a big ass wedge of it. He proceeded to hover over my wall smacking and breathing all heavy through his nose..sounded like Ron Burgundy's "Jazz Flute" or as the Maitre D said.. "Yazz Floot"

If I could just fnd something to stick in there...

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