Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm Not the Drunkard I once was

No Sleep Till...

Me and the other half went to a rehearsal dinner after party at his friend's house on Friday. Lots of liquor and some pretty good food. Stayed there until 2am went home and ate Waffle House take-out and fell into comas.
We attempted to be productive citizens on Saturday but it didn't quite work out..Sleeping is fun.

On Saturday, we went to another party (because we think we're teenagers). More liquor and MORE good food. Another 2am arrival. Good thing it was in our neighborhood.

All Sunday..didn't do a damn thing
We're lazy and old

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Mushy said...

Man, can we identify with this post! There was a time I could party late, go to work and nurse my hangover, and make plans for another night out over the coffee pot. Now...well, you said it.