Thursday, July 13, 2006

You're Fat, Face it

Why do people REFUSE to believe that they have gotten fat. I have a co-worker who is still rockin' outfits from the 80's and early 90's and no, it does not look cool. She looks like an overstuffed kielbasa in those "slacks" which is code for: Ugly ass, outdated, fabric so thin it looks like cheesecloth - pants. And if that's not enough, she tucks her shirts in!!! **Gasp!!** She looks like a muffin top or better yet, a busted can of biscuits.

I guess they think that if they don't have to buy new clothes, everthing must be OK.

Come on pregnant ladies, you can get some of my wrath too.
I once worked with a dizzy broad that REFUSED to buy maternity clothes, she waddled her big butt around in this denim dress AT LEAST 3 times a week. I looked at her one day and the buttons were actually POPPING OFF the front!! Seriously, how much could a decent Wal-Mart dress cost??

I, as a fattish person have realized that back-fat is not cute. I have promised not to wear:

1.Halter Tops
2.Spaghetti Straps with big thick ass big-girl bra straps
3.T-Shirts or tops from the Misses Section ( I know it says XXL but it really doesn't mean 2X Plus)
4.Strapless dresses without a sweater or jacket
5.Anything that SHOWCASES a belly-bulge. (Do you really think people don't notice those lumps??)
6.The new-style Short/Cap sleeve tops that strangle my fat and SHOWCASE the stretch marks.
7.Those strappy sandals that wrap around the leg..those are not for people with "meat" on their calves.
8.Shorts...Of ANY KIND. Have ya seen that "V" that gets started up the ass and crotch trail when ya walk..not cute

If you can't afford Lane Bryant or The Avenue, There's a place called DOTS that has real cheap, really stylish trendy clothes for Big Girls..check it out dammit.
Oh!! and Men, those khakis and golf shirts don't fit any more..believe me, fatty.


maybetomorrow said...

Just came across your blog and am laughing at your posts....
And that V you refer to with the shorts is called a "camel toe" (don't ask me how I know this)

bigpinkearaser said...

Haha, my blog is almost exactly like this. All I pretty much do is write about how much other people annoy me. Glad to see someone else reaping the therapetic effects of complaining about other people.

I totally agree with you on the fat people thing. There are these girls at my school who just seem to want to scream out into the world, "My thighs look like slabs of meat!"

Sudiegirl said...

Thank you LINKA!

I work hard to try and dress appropriately, and I see lots of women that DON'T.

Fashion Bug is also a good choice, but you have to really look closely. Sometimes they have lots of good stuff, and other times their choices suck ass.

Again, great post!