Friday, July 28, 2006

Men..Can't Kill Em....Yet

Just when you've figured out how to dispose of his body...He says something sweet.

Last night the other half had a "Town Hall Meeting" to discuss their next Man-Fest 2006 Man Trip (whatever)
As I suspected, they did more drinking than planning and he came home a little "tipsy". For some reason he decided to eat a hard boiled egg before coming to bed. Gross ass thinks it's cute to breathe on me.

At some point while we're joking around, he throws my pillows across the room and laughs..then proceeds to fall his drunk ass asleep. I nudge him softly acouple of times..."boo boo, get my pillows"...then not so softly!! "GET MY PILLOWS!!!!!" I knew the yelling would piss him response...So I get up and storm around the bed, get the two big pillows but can't find my beloved little pillow (actually a beat-up travel pillow).
I turn on the overhead light and this..this..person has the GALL to get mad and mumble: "turn off the light!!..please"
What??!!?? What about when I said PLEASE get my pillows??

I of course, trying to make a point, storm out of the room, big pillows in hand, stumble over my little pillow which has somehow made it into the hallway and spent the night on the aformentioned DEMON couch.

So I'm pissed all night..and this boy didn't even notice I was gone until I mentioned i the next morning!!!
Him: Why do you have the mad face on?
Me: You're an ass
Him: What?? What did I do??

Went through the whole sofa experience..
A few minutes later:
Him: I'm sorry, are you still my boo boo? I love you [Insert sad puppy-love eyes here]
Me: (Thinking)Yes, but you're still an inconsiderate drunk, stupid ass..
Me: (outloud)Yes, I love you

How do I let the puppy eyes get me EVERY DAMN TIME???

He's a shepherd for the devil, I'm sure of it.

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