Monday, July 31, 2006

Busy Weekend

Had my future in-laws over for the weekend. They stayed in a hotel (thank god, my guest bedroom is in shambles). The other half's brother's (one of my favorite peeps) wife is EXTREMELY pregnant. She's due next month and I was afraid she'd go into labor on my couch. Can you imagine that actually happen?? I'd probably panic, then faint.

I've noticed that the other half is ABSOLUTELY FASCINATED with pregnant women..wonder what that's about?? I guess I can't talk since I have to be around a baby at least once a month..they just smell so..babyish, but good lord, smelly diapers are not good for can something so small produce something so foul??

Anyway, They drove in on Saturday and we went to breakfast at IHOP, whatever we ate there made me and the other half sick.
I then went maternity clothes shopping with another pregnant person, who would "thunk" that would be so difficult???

We made dinner for them and another couple on Sunday, fed 6 people for $20 woo hoo!! Baked two chickens, roasted some red potatoes and made a little salad. Our friends brought the stuff to make broiled tomatoes with mozzarella and fresh basil. Notice I said "brought the stuff", she said she didn't know how to make it but wanted us to do it..ooookkkaaayyy.....The other half, Mr. Chef Extraordinaire, whipped them up and they were very good.
I baked a devil's food bundt cake and made a pretty drizzle with thinned out icing..that damn Martha Stewart and Food Network is wearing off on me and the other half.

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