Thursday, July 27, 2006

Looking For Old Friends

I've been reading O magazine at lunch this week and it has a "Friend" theme. There was a story that talked about a lady finding her old friend from elementary.

It got me thinking about a friend I had in Jr. High named Sue Anne Larson. We had some really funny "adventures".

We used to play trundle drop: I would lay on her trundle bed pull-out and she would slap the collapse bar really hard so the bed would crash to the floor..hilarity!

We tried to drive her brother's stick shift car once. We got as far as the bottom of the driveway and had to tell a lie that she was looking for something in the car and "accidentally" hit the shifter and it rolled..what a bullshit story..but at the time we SOOO believed it would suffice.

Imagine this: We're talking on the phone (as usual) and she's making fries, A GREASE FIRE BREAKS OUT and both of us are screaming and she asks me what she should do, in my brilliance, I suggested that she throw water on it..bad idea

I'm also looking to talk to my good friend from high school Hannah Auer (Jennings). We had a hell of a time at the Marine base (wink wink). Damn, I love Marines, so polite and so sexy.

I laugh every time I think of the time we were making oatmeal facial masks in her mom's blender and somehow we ended up slinging it around the kitchen and she slipped in it, paused in the air for a moment like a cartoon, then came CRASHING down SKULL FIRST on the linoleum..could have been killed but it was funny as hell. No injuries that time but...

One day she skipped school and was making her way down a grass hill to McDonalds when all of a sudden she SLIPPED and CRACKED HER SKULL WIDE OPEN on a jagged boulder. Imagine the dilema: Try to make it to the emergency room without them calling your mom OR call your mom and somehow explain why you were at McDonalds at that time of day OR quietly bleed to death in front of the Hamburglar.
She chose option 2
Her Mom later tried to sue McDonalds for having wet grass..her Mom is so cool. My Mom on the other hand would have come up there, kicked my ass in front of everyone then got mad that I got blood all over "those nice people's grass and rocks". Gotta love her

Anyway, if anybody knows Sue Anne Larson or Hannah Auer tell em to give me a holler.


Meowkaat said...

Ahaaa... you made me laugh and remember times with my best friend...there's something so never-gonna-get-it-again about those kind of relationships. damn. I'm depressing myself. Excellent post though.

oldtownboys said...

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Hannah Auer said...

LMAO!!! I cannot believe you remember that crazy time. My boyfriend googled me trying to find some dirt. You know my former stripper days and possible naked pics online LOL...send me your email so I can get in contact with you.

Linka72 said...

OMG!! It's DA Hannahness!!
Ok so, I'll hit you up on FaceBook..cuz a bitch is trying to stay "incognegress" on