Thursday, July 06, 2006

What if I had Super Powers

On another note, That movie "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" looks funny.

If I had superpowers, what would they be????? Hmmmm..

Able to sense a shoe sale within a 20 mile radius
Flying would be good (traffic in this city is a bitch)
Super-Human Hearing (so I can hear who's talking shit about me)
Super-Human Sight (so I can see who's talking shit about me)
Strong hands (to open jars with, without a man around, my dear)
The ability to lose weight instantly ( I've never worn a Gucci dress and I WANT TO)
The ability to get TALLER instantly (I've always wanted to look down on Belly, who's already a short-ass mind you, and stomp his ass like a coke can)

I think that'll do for now..I already have a pretty good "Gay-dar". People are amazed by it ya know.

I have to get back to my newest addiction: Windfall - good show

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