Thursday, July 06, 2006

Damn Frammalamaccino

I'm mad and without a frappuccino.
Here's the complaint letter I had to write to Damn Starbucks:

I would like to complain about a bad experience I had at a local Starbucks (I'll leave the location out for blog purposes)
I ordered a Tall Caramel Frappuccino this evening. A very nice blonde lady took my order. As I pulled through the drive thru and came up to the window, I noticed that 1 person started my drink in the blender and the nice lady who took my order seemed to finish it by taking it out of the blender very quickly and adding whipped cream and caramel. I paid, got my drink and drove away. My first sip seemed very watery and it only got worse from there. Besides the "wateriness" there were large chunks of ice and not very much coffee flavor.
It was a pretty piss-poor example of a frappuccino in my opinion and I wanted to report this to you. (do you think piss-poor was "too much"??)
I went out of my way to get to this Starbucks (actually I missed the turn and had to circle around the block and halfway arround the world) and was anticipating this drink ALL DAY. (really, I was!!) I feel like I wasted $3.50 and a lot of gas. It is not my intention to get anyone in trouble, I just expected more quality from Starbucks.
Thank you for your time

Now I wonder what they'll do...McDonalds gave me extremely expired walnuts (for my fruit parfait one morning..WTF??) one time and I complained on their website. They sent me two free Value meal coupons. Again WTF??
Anyway.. I went home and tried to "fix" it in my blender..just made it grosser, damn I'm pissed. I really wanted that damn Starbucks, I shoulda went to Dunkin' Donuts.

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