Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Whistle...

OK maybe you're sick of snot whistle talk....but think about how I feel!!!
Today I was on a call and at first I "felt" a presence..then I heard the whistle..I swear, my neck started to itch from the irritation of the whole thing, my ear hurts too. And he just kept standing there, watching me scratch and discreetly cover my ear...ya think he knows it irritates me?

I've deduced that it happens at these times:
After he bounds down the row during lunch
After he eats
When I eat and it's Food Porn time

Maybe there's a piece of food in his nose or something. He claims to have asthma, he used to use his inhaler alot, looks like a crack pipe to me..but he'd be skinny if that was the case. Wouldn't he????

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