Monday, July 17, 2006

Reality TV is GRRRREAT!!

I watched Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance this weekend, good show. The other half thinks I should try out next year and I'm seriously considering it. Hell, I'm big AND I'm cute..what's the harm?? Of course some of those broads were REALLY big, I was a little intimidated. The girl that won had a real big butt. Of course, If I could have a flat stomach and no back fat, I'd GLADLY take a big ole ass!

Treasure Hunters is my show. Go Brown Family!! Too bad ya lost..again, dammit
I swear, if I see a certain girl in a dark alley, me and her are going to go: NINE FUCKING ROUNDS!!!
They had to dig up a clue at night so of course, her poor dad had to do it. He asked her to hold the flashlight steady and she breaks into another tirade...." I HATE THIS JOB, I DON'T WANNA HOLD A FLASHLIGHT!!!" [Insert whining and stomping like a 2 year old here]
She is sooo juvenile. Has anyone seen an ACTUAL TEAR on her silly face???

I guessed the clue via text message for the last two weeks, got it right last week but wasn't picked, got it wrong this week..dammit!! Spent $3 flippin dollars for nothing. Well, I've spent more on less.

WEIRDNESS UPDATE of the people on this show emailed me and asked that I remove what I said about her here..hmmm..THIS MANY YEARS later!!! I removed her actual name but I stand by what I said.

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