Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blogging Protocol, TV, other crap

So is it Ok to post more than one time a day?

I have a lot of worthless shit to say throughout the day and I can't remember to put it all in on one post.

I've become addicted to this damn Blogger.com.
MySpace used to be my "Lova" but I left him last month, he was a whore.

I've added some new links ova dere ----> I've been blog surfing all day at work. Do you think I actually work at work?? I know some people who sit there between calls and actually study "work related" paperwork and resources...WTF??

The guy with cerebal palsy on Last Comic Standing is one of the funniest mf-ers I've seen lately.
Dilana is so damn cool..except for her Elvira/Johnny Cash impersonation tonight. The band liked it..I sure didn't. When she did Nirvana, I 'bout pissed myself..that was good.
Seems like she was "formerly a man"
How can I watch Rockstar Supernova AND Last Comic Standing AND $40 a Day all at the same time???!!??
So much TV, so little time

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