Friday, September 29, 2006

Random BullSh*t I Think About In Traffic

My car has 191,800 miles on it..still running somehow, but barely

Michael Jackson's song P.Y.T literally got me to work today. I SO wanted to be one of the P.Y.T's that "Repeat after me" sayin' NA NA NA
Look, I was 10 years old, leave me alone!!

I saw a truck with a baby shoe hanging off the hitch..WTF??
Now, living in the South I'm used to the Boat Propeller and the Hanging Balls but baby shoes???

While I'm speeding and switching lanes, I thought about a story I saw on the news about a girl who died while driving. The sad part to me was that they showed her friends talking about her AT the accident scene saying: "She always drove fast and reckless, Speed Kills"...WTF?? Thanks, bitches for making me look good after I died..'preciate it!! Jees..who needs friends huh?

What on Earth is Leatheresque? Cheap-Ass Value City furniture has a sale on it..
Don't be jealous but, I already have some lovely cheap-ass furniture from Rooms To Go.

WHY THE HELL CAN'T PEOPLE TURN LEFT FASTER??? I swear to god, you have the Green Arrow..nothing is coming, GO you crazy bitch.

I'm in love with Crafster.Org, oh you didn't know I was a crafty bitch??..well now you do


phosgraphis said...


I've been reading your blog for what feels like forever, and I absolutely love it. You crack me up!

I especially love your rants about Belly.

Oh! I love craftster too! I spend hours on it, so much that i call it the black hole because when I click on the forum, hours seem like seconds.

I, too, love blogging. I sometimes post multiple blogs a day.

Okay, I feel I've rambled enough.

Screw what other people think, keep blogging!


Orhan Kahn said...