Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm Tired today..Gimme tha Couch (let's name it Christine)

After being in the heat most of the day yesterday, I feel like someone's been kicking my ass. I'm sitting here at work dreaming about my couch. Wouldn't it be nice just to lay down and watch the soaps right now??

But no, I'm here at work taking calls from idiots who can't create a password to save their damn lives!!!!
Some examples I'd like to give them:


Mondays are especially hellish for us. These people smoke crack/weed/meth all weekend and then attempt to remember a password that they have been using for a WEEK at least. I know, I'm asking too much of them. It's got to be so difficult to remember the name of that ugly little bastard offspring of yours after such a full weekend of wholesome activities such as:
Weed wacking etc etc

Oh..but I digress. Back to the couch. I bought my couch at Rooms to Go 6 years ago..Hey, I thought I was a big baller back then..I paid cash for the whole set: Sleeper Sofa, "Chair and a Half", two end tables w/lamps and a coffee table with a glass insert.

I slept on the sleeper sofa part once..Satan was there and he broke my spine.

I lay on the couch a lot, the cushions are getting all squished and there a little rip holes from the from the frame of the sofabed..piece of crap.
I sometimes wake up on that couch and feel like the couch beat me while I was sleeping. We refer to it at my house as "The couch bit me". The amazing thing is that other people who visit and sleep on it LOVE IT!!! WTF ??
Maybe the couch is like that the car in that movie Christine. It hates only me. (insert scary music here)

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