Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ok It's a new day

We're having the company picnic today. Yay Howdy!! No really, it's just an excuse to get off the phones for me. Plus, there will be barbeque and barbeque makes everything alllllright.

"Belly" kept trying to get me to look at him again today by telling me some weird story about a relative. I try to avoid looking him in the face because he takes that as encouragement to talk to me more and he has these beady eyes but a wide eyed crazy look.

Is it mean to judge other fat people who are fatter than you? Sometimes I look at Belly and thank my stars that my stomach isn't that big. I wonder if he can still get to his dangle-dongle. I'm pretty sure he can't see it, except for in the mirror...Ewww

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