Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend Stalker

So I'm chillin', eating dinner on the possesed demon couch on Friday evening and I hear the annoying ringing of the phone.
Who could it be?? I'm chillin dammit!!

Well it was "Belly"!!
What the hell could he want?? He starts asking me about obscure crap at work and if I gave his number to some temp broad (that he was flirting with, mind you) that day. He says "yea I told her to ask you for my number" Little did he know that I had incinerated his number months ago (a story for another day)
I said: No, (Insert co-worker's name here) had it so I sent her over there. You would think the conversation would have been over at that point BUT NO!! He continued on, asking me more obscure shit about work, moving, etc etc
This went on for nearly an hour..I need to start acting more like my "Blog Self" and not my usual "too nice self". I think it would serve me better in this life.

I continue on with my perfectly sedentary weekend, laying around with the boyfriend, eating donuts and Lo and around 10pm on a FREAKIN' SUNDAY, the damn phone rings...It's BELLY again!!
I'm getting "the look" from the boyfriend now...
Belly: Hey Linka72, do you remember the name of that software you were looking at a few months ago about blah blah blah..
Me: (Thinking) are you fucking nuts??
Me: (Outloud) Uh, actually it was a website, maybe you could look on google and use some keywords...blah blah blah
Me: (Thinking) If I wanted to do tech support, I would slept at the office, jackass
At this point I'm pretty much done but this wieirdo kinda keeps hanging on till I give the obligatory "All right then". He sounded all disappointed..with his married ass.. EWW!!

This morning he's doing his usual leaning over the cube wall..giggling and shit.
At lunchtime, he's all interested in my lunch..STOP OGGLING MY FOOD FAT ASS!!

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