Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I should call this blog "My Co-Workers Suck"

There's this lady a couple of rows down that I used to sit near. She disputes EVERYTHING I say. For instance:
Me: The sky is blue
Bitch Co-Worker: What?? You're stupid!! the sky is OBVIOUSLY purple!

2 years ago (yes, I cannot clear it from my mind) I came in to the office pissed as usual about traffic. I expressed how stupid it was that people did not turn their lights on when it was raining and overcast or dreary outside, especially people with grey cars who are in my blind spot. She proceeded to yell: IF YOU CAN"T SEE A CAR COMING, YOU REALLY NEED TO GET YOUR DIABETES CHECKED!!
What the f**k does that have to do with my diabetes?? Flippin weirdo.
The group I sit near then started to discuss how it is a law in our state and she AGAIN proceeded to yell: What?? That's STUPID, IT IS NOT A LAW.
We're all thinking: Bitch, it's in the New Driver's book and there are signs ALL OVER the state that say: LIGHTS ON WHEN RAINING... you silly rabbit.

Now I said all that to say this:
Today in the lunch room, we were discussing meat. I said that I don't like the smell of cooking ground turkey and she yells (as usual) WHAT SMELL, IT DOESN'T SMELL??
Her main goal is to make me look stupid. I usually hate it when men say this but, she needs some d**k. Miserable old hag.


best4chance said...

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Max said...

You shoulda spit on her.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Stupid fucking winch... I had a friend who got ran down while walking on a side walk, thank you, by some freaking dumb-ass idiot who was driving a gray Taurus without their lights on in the rain. Idiot said,'I didn't see her' Obviously the dipshit couldn't even see the road. I think you should superglue her phone to it's cradle, her lunch to her desk and anything else that won't get caught on tape ;)
Above & beyond time she says something smart you should just say 'What? I couldn't hear know with my diabetes its hard to hear idiots'