Monday, June 26, 2006

Cold Stone Nastery aka Dairy is not your friend

Had a good weekend, except for my journey to Cold Stone Creamery..ewww

I have a pregnant friend who absolutely adores that place, even before she was pregnant!!
So anyway, while we were by the mall, she kept saying, "mmm, baby needs ice cream, now now now.

We walked in and since it was my first time, she explained how it worked, what I could add..etc.
I decided on the middle size, which at the time looked manageable. Boy, was I wrong. The little girl behind the counter scooped out this HUGE portion and started mixing in all kinds of stomach was hurting looking at it but my friend was treating and she seemed excited to be there.

At the cash register, it came up to about $10 (!!!). WTF?? For Ice Cream?
I was all prepared to dive in (as long as it stayed cold and hard, I HATE soupy ice cream) but my friend INSISTED on sitting outside...what??? We live in a very hot southern state with slavery-type heat 8 months out of the year...and every time I go somewhere..there's always that one crazy fool that wants to "sit on the patio"!!!

So I go along with the plan, cuz she paid and is pregnant and all. Right as we sat down, my ice cream started to melt..oh shit, I'm thinking. I start scarfing it down (trying to keep up with a skinny person with an obvious tape-worm is a burden) in an attempt to stave off the soupiness I hate, but nooooo, it just kept melting.
She kept asking: "Isn't this the best thing you ever ate IN YOUR LIFE????"
Me: (Thinking) Must...Vomit...Right..NOW
I kept smiling and nodding. She had already finished hers in a feat of human nature that I just can't understand and I was literally gagging by the end.

But I'm A SOLDIER dammit!! I finished most of it and thank god she offered to drive home, I had to sit at an angle of sorts just to get through the pain ripping through my bowels. I didn't eat for the rest of the day - and for me... that's sayin' somethin'


Kevin said...

I'm not a fan of Cold Stone either. And the price? God! $4.69 for that medium size!

I'd rather just go to a hometown company, United Dairy Farmers. 2 dips of ice cream (without yellow cake, crayons, sprinkles, and tortilla chips) is only $1.99.

Linka72 said...

Okay Kevin,
Your "without yellow cake, crayons, sprinkles, and tortilla chips" comment made me laugh so hard that people are actually staring at me from other departments.
Woo, that was funny.