Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why are people SO interested in what my fat ass is eating?

I'll be walking to the lunch room to heat up my food and all down the damn aisle.."whatcha got? what's for lunch? Ooooh that looks good!!!"
One cow actually had the nerve to come over to me, look at my mostly healthy meal and say: "Dang, you're eating healthy, I always count on you to have the junk food lunch so I can feel better about myself." I smiled and continued to each..what I shoulda said was.."GET OUT OF MY FACE HO!!!" but I'm far too nice.

Another thing:
One day the co-worker from my previous post, let's call him BELLY. Well Belly is talking with our podmate aboout about sandwiches and during the conversation he names a hot sandwich place and the podmate has never heard of it, this fat f**k says "oh, ask linka72, she should know where it is". As if all big girls such as my self would know where all the local sandwich shops are!!! Like I said, he makes really stupid assumptions about fat people. He's "newly" fat and I guess he just can't deal. Face big gut, you're fat....

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