Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nervous Laughter

You ever talk to a person that laughs at EVERYTHING!!!??

I gets calls from people who's entire hard drive has blown up and all they can do is laugh while they explain it. Or people who lock their passwords out, thus shutting down their work day, and it seems like the funniest fucking thing.

Belly has a "nervous tick" from my estimation. Every time he pipes up (read: butts in) in a conversation, he hurls the man giggle at you.
The other day he gave his opinion on something in the daily news discussion we have and he giggled so fucking hard that my opposite cube mate said "Damn Belly, was it THAT funny??".
You'd think he'd be embarrassed by somebody saying that, but he was laughing so hard that he didn't even hear her say it!!
He usually follows the weird laughing thing up with a demand for you to "Look, Look" or a "Like this right here" and then makes some stupid face or an equally stupid gesture.

I'm REALLY going to slap him..seriously

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