Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Don't Dish It If You Can't Take It

One day, not long agao, me and my co-worker were talking about a local mall. Belly, as usual, butted in and started to talk abou the Food Court (of course). He was singing the praises of Hovan Roll and how great the rolled sandwiches were. My co-worker had not heard of it before and wanted to know if they had one around here. Belly's fat ass has the NERVE to say:
"Linka72 should know, she would know where to eat" if to say that since I'm a so-called "big girl", that I would know the exact location of every sandwich shop in the city...WTF?? My very quiet, very sweet co-worker even jumped in his ass for THAT bullshit statement. Belly tried to "clean it up" by saying he was just joking but soon turned his stupid embarrassed ass around and acted like he was working. He's an admitted fat girl hater...but he's always lookin' at me....asshole

So cut to a couple of weeks later (yesterday). Me and the same co-worker were chit chatting about Quizno's. We were wondering where one was around JUST to be hateful, I blurted out: :Let's ask Belly!! He would know where all the sandwich shops are!!! [Insert cackling co-workers here].
Belly says: Well there one at blah blah blah
Me: Hmm, you sound a little irritated, did I say something to make ya mad? (more cackling and sniggling)
Belly: No, I'm not mad, I was smiling wasn't I?
The funny part was the strained "I'm smiling but I hate you" look that he had on his face..priceless

We all walked off content in the knowledge that he was pissed AND embarassed..haahahahaha being mean is fun.

Speaking of assholes, Belly is such a perv.
I was talking to a caller and she had the unfortunate last name of Beaver..(poor thing). He chimes in with: "It's okay as long as it's not hairy"

......I'll give you a moment to marinate on that stupid shit..............WTF???!!!??? I just looked at his stupid, overgrown, tight shirt, snot whistlin' ass and rolled my eyes.

First of all..shut the hell up Belly...second of all, I always did get a "molester" vibe from him.
I don't know about you guys, but if a man likes a hairless "cooter brown", he's a pervert...think about it..little girls have hairless cooters..why do you want a grown woman to be that way??..ewww

That'll be one more thing to add to my letter to HR.

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