Wednesday, October 25, 2006

No More Vodka On Weekdays

A friend of The Other Half's invited us to a party last night...I was sleepy and hungry but I wanted to spend time with the boyfriend so I put on my best pointy toed boots...

His friend is the CEO of Gilyard Clothing. The party was at The Warren City Club - oh my jesus, that place is fabulous. It's a private club with a NY loft feel..very sexy.
There was a nice mix of people there, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Business suit types..etc

The party was sponsered by Belvedere Vodka so:
The DRINKS WERE FREE!! and SO WAS THE FOOD!! Always a recipe for a good time in my book.

I met the CEO's assistant, who The Other Half talks about all the time..because of her, he gets free clothes..a winner in his book. He acts like he has a crush on her or something, and once I met her, hell, I think even I have a damn crush on her. She really cool people so I must kill her. But wait, she thought my weave was my real she can live a little longer.

And the DJ even had the nerve to play some of my favorite songs:

Everything She Wants - George Michael (Damn, I used to love him. Back before he was turning tricks for truckers)
Holiday - Madonna (I swear, I'm walking down the aisle to this)
Anything - SWV (Ok, I changed my mind, THIS is the song I'm walking down the aisle to..only the remix though - My mom would probably slap my skin off)

So we danced and drank the night away..but we both felt it in the morning dammit..we're old and's sad

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skinnylittleblonde said...

Good Times!
Free food, free drinks, Belly-free & guilt-free!