Friday, October 06, 2006

Really, Just Shut The Hell Up

Earlier in the week, we had a meeting activity that involved anonymously circling words that best describe your co-workers and handing it in. Sort of a Myers-Briggs type test.
Some of us wanted to "pencil in" a couple of words for certain people but thought better of it.

We were all handed an envelope filled with the sheets of paper from others with the words THEY thought best described us.
When I got mine back, it had the words GOSSIPER, NEGATIVE and MEAN circled. *GASP*, Clutch the Pearls!!! (there was some positive words circled but who really cares about those?)

I laughed, 'cuz it's true. I then compared notes with my co-worker and she had the same shit circled for her..her name in the same 3 year old, chicken-scratch handwriting as my paper.

After the meeting, me and her joked about it, saying things like "I'd like to tell you a story(really loud) BUT I WOULDN'T WANT TO LOOK LIKE A GOSSIP!!" or "I DON'T MEAN TO BE MEAN BUT...."

cackling and tee heeing the whole time.

A little later in the afternoon, "low-self esteem" Belly pipes up and says: " I really hate tests like that, I always worry that I may have been "too honest" or said something mean."
Because I'm his honorary Life Coach, I tell him to calm down and get over himself in so many words.

I continued on with my boring day - noticing he was a little quite but didn't really give a shit.

I was off work the day after that tending to The Other Half because he had oral surgery. He got all mad because I ate fried chicken and a scrumptious broccoli dish in front of him...Men are such babies.

Anywhoooo, when I got to work this morning, the co-worker I mentioned above said that the day before, she noticed that Belly was not his usual loud giggling self. She seems to care more than I do so she asked him what was wrong....HE CONFESSED that he circled the words for both of us and was feeling all bad about it. She told him (damn I love her) that she could "give less than a shit" what people said about her because they don't pay her "fucking bills".
She said he sat there the rest of the day all balled up and quiet.

hahahahahahahaha.....mwahhahahahahaha. I'm sorry I missed him be all weird on Monday and feel the need to "confess" to me. I will try to say the same exact thing she did.

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That Cleaning Lady said...

Hi there, I came here on the advice of Bitter Cup of Joe, he says you have a crappy job, and BOY DO YA!!!
First, hello, I'm That Cleaning Lady, living in a crappy little town in Central Washington State, and also a big girl... old, gray haired, (used to wear it feathered) and HOSTILLEY crabby.
I spent years and years and years in job hell working with assholes like Belly and I have a couple suggestions for you, now that I'm schooled in your work world (aka read all your blogs):
1) QUIT THAT SHITTY PLACE and get a job working for yourself.
2) SUE THAT F'ING BELLY for sexual harrassement and SUE THAT f'ing company for allowing it. You'll make enough money in the settlement to afford your wedding tiara, and a decent stay-home man who will beg you to let him drive YOUR new wheels!!! If Belly really sent that sexually explicit video on company computer, you have a serious complaint.
3) Watch "SOMETHING NEW" such a neat movie, I learned a lot about hair weaves and hot white guys (maybe you'll take out your weave).
4) Give Vinnie (Bitter Cup of Joe) some crap about BigFoots (BigFeet?) because they make him have nightmares!!
5) Give some real thought to starting your own business. Someone as obviously educated as you can certainly do better than lining THE MAN'S pocket. Not to mention the fact that you can work for yourself, keep your own hours and set your own income, plus you don't have to deal with life coaching or anonymous papers about who's attitude are we monitoring today... geezus pleeezus!!