Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yeah, Sure

In another attempt to make conversation, Belly kept touting the virtues of his rotisserie chicken lunch. I humored him a little and somehow we got into a discussion about the differences between the seasoning they use on the chicken wings as opposed to what they use on the whole chicken. He made a freudian slip and said " I have the whole chicken one, I mean, I have the pieces right now" (I'm not into food porn, so I didn't look)

Belly then had the NERVE to say:
"I couldn't eat a whole chicken"

He can't be fucking serious...

Did ya see my previous post about his lunch time chicken fest?????

Oh and then someone made a comment about it smelling good and he says: "Well I didn't get this way by eating junk!! [insert his stupid man-giggle here]

Yeah Right Belly, you got that fat by eating lots and lots of healthy vegetables and whole grains...I swear to god!!


Jill said...

I think that on a good day, I could eat a whole chicken.

Linka72 said...

Jill, I'll admit, one day I ate a whole cake..not in one sitting mind you..but I BETCHA Belly COULD eat a whole chicken in one sitting.

Jill said...

Since I read this, I have been trying to think of my accomplishments. Once my friend and I ate a whole batch of rice krispie treats in about ten minutes. Back then I was pretty little, so I am fully confident that Belly could eat TWO chickens in one sitting.

It drives me crazy when big people talk about how small their appetite is. Yeah right. I'm not that skinny and I know exactly how it happened and it is called binging without purging and eating a diet completely based on processed, mostly frozen foods.

skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL, I know I could eat a whole chicken, I've done it before....oh, the days of college, no money, no food & a dear mother who sends me home witth a chicken thinking I can make a balanced meal out it! A whole meal, yes...balnced, no!
BTW~he makes small talk about food because that is what he knows & is comfortable with, I bet.
My vote is with Jill, 2 chickens! Maybe 3!

Matt said...

My god this is some hilarious stuff. I was just browsing through blogs when I came across yours and it's definitely a keeper. By the way, maybe I'm too dense or innocent but I don't think I get the porn reference. The whole chicken one is...what? I'm afraid to guess.