Monday, December 04, 2006

YAAAAAY Baby Furniture!!! Yeah, Right.

I spent all Sunday at my pregnant friend's house assembling the oh so lovely baby's room above..I knew on Saturday (when she announced that "the guys" would be putting it together) that it would be a day of heavy cursing and frustration. Much like the last time, her husband had none of the required can't imagine how many times I had to explain to him that you DON'T hammer a SCREW into anything. Dammit boy!

When I first got there, all the guys (including mine, who I allowed to spend the night over there) were hung over.

Since his birthday sucked from the previous week, The Other Half has deemed this weekend as his "Birthday Weekend" and has been drunk for 3 days.

I knew in the back of my mind that I and only I would end up assembling every damn thing in the box....

Long story longer....After TOH made everybody steaks for dinner (damn, I love that man) I finished putting the crib together..the baby's father made a half-assed attempt to help me but was far too busy drinking beer and watching the Cowboys win...(Is all that damn screaming at the TV neccessary??)

I then moved on to the one even made the effort to as much as look in my direction while I did it, they must have sensed my anger or they just didn't give a damn..I was almost done when TOH came down the stairs lookin all tired and cranky.."aren't you done yet??...let's go..I'm tired..wah wah fuckin wah...

I had everything laid out as per the 40 page instruction booklet - bolts sized accordingly etc, etc. There was a pile of "unapproved/what the fuck are these extra things" type screws and bolts then I had a pile of "correct and approved" type screws and bolts.

OF COURSE The baby's father decided to "help me out" but attaching the top with something from the "unapproved" guessed it..he gouged a huge horrible hole in the wood top!! He shrugged it off by saying "Well, we're going to putting things on top of it to cover that anyway"....huh???

I was too tired to curse him.....I left the changing table up to him..we'll see how THAT turns out.

being a super Auntie is SUCH a burden.


skinnylittleblonde said...

Sorry for you girl. I know that hell. My legally blind brother bought an entertainment senter & wanted me to assemble. OK, No prob. I get there he has all the bits pieces & parts spread all over the living room. His dogs keep coming by, stealing pieces & the directions were covered with muddy paw prints. To boot, my brother would not allow me to read the directions...saying it was simple & we could work it out. We did. The right side was upside down when we were done & the first time he went to move it, the whole thing collapsed to one side.

Linka72 said...

Yeah, skinnylittleblonde, I already told him I had a vision of him putting that poor precious child down one night and as he walks away, it pancakes on top of her...woo..good times.