Tuesday, December 26, 2006


OK, Like I said before, it's busy around here early in the week so I don't have much time to blog so I'll tell you about my christmas weekend a little later..

I HAD to let somebody know about the beat down Belly is giving these christmas cookies over here (Wait, That sounded kinda dirty..Yeckkkk)

Anyway, LAST FRIDAY, one of our supervisors brought a box of decorated christmas cookies. We opened them..kinda ate a few and forgot about them SITTING ON A DESK, IN THE WIDE OPEN FOR 4 DAYS!!!!. Belly discovered them this morning and has been at them, non-stop for 4 hours.
You can hear him on the phone attempting to tuck one into his fat cheeks while giving people technical instructions..people keep asking him to repeat himself..think he'd get the hint?? NOPE!!
I explained that the cookies were sitting out in the open for days and he just shrugged and said: "I guess I'll roll the dice on this one....these cookies are damn GOOD!!" and he continued to eat them...ewww, you nasty, fat bastard.

I'm thinking of waiting until the end of my day, walking over to them and just CHUCKING them in the garbage...right in front of him...he works the late shift..pretty much all alone....he would be sooooo pissed but it would be sooooo funny.

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