Wednesday, December 27, 2006

He's Dead Before Sundown....

There I was..minding my own damn business and here comes Belly's retarded ass....

Belly: Hey, hey...hey you ( he is such a stupid ass)
Me: What
Belly: You don't have to do the "click-down" for me...I'm friendly fire
Me: (thinking) What in the fucking hell are you talking about?
Me: (out loud) What do you mean?
Belly: Your blog, I saw you minimize a screen earlier when I looked over and I figured it was your blog
Me: What are you talking about..I haven't been on my blog in weeks. I was looking at urban dictionary (you stupid fucking asshole)
Belly: Oh, I was just saying..ummm, cuz I know I may have said something to you before but, hey, that's your thing, umm, err, uhhh. I don't know, uh I'm your buddy in this situation..hee hee, uhhh
Me: (giving him the "whatever, stupid" I'm not sure what you saw..I've been looking at the urban dictionary for like, hours.
Belly: Oh, ok, I'm sorry, my bad, uhh, umm

Then he sat his sad, stupid ass down, looking all embarassed.

I am REALLY sick of his snooping ass. His glasses are stupid thick, I guess taht's how he's able to see all the way over here with his Super Duper X-Ray vision.

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Orhan Kahn said...

What would you do without him.