Thursday, December 21, 2006

This Has GOT To Stop!!

Okay, remember my post about Christmas Sweaters???

Well today I overheard two Sweater Wearing Broads in the hallway......

1st SWB: Hey!! It's good to see you!
2nd SWB: Hi! I was starting to think you weren't going to wear one this season!
1st SWB: (Incoherent babble) I know!! I was worried you'd think that...Blah Blah..Found it the closet the other day...Blah Blah

You should have seen the look on my face..what the fuck is this? "Sweater Peer Pressure"??
It'll be hard to do but I'll try to explain what these chicks were wearing:

SWB #1 had on this red knit thing with little sparkly presents all over it with...*GASP-..A GOD DAMNED FEATHER BOA thing around the neck!! (Look at this article and laugh your ass off please)

SWB #2 was tame by comparison. Hers was bright green with sparkly tinsel threads and 12 inch tall snow-people-scarecrow looking appliques circling the perimeter...

I'm sure they thought I was admiring their sweaters by the way I was staring....So Sad.

Here are so more examples for your viewing pleasure..these damn things cost about $125!!!!

An article titled "Xmas Party Stylin" in the December issue of Men's Health states:

"It's a fine line between festive and foolish". "While garish outfits might get you some punch-bowl-driven laughs, preserve your reputation as a class act by avoiding sweaters with reindeer or snowflakes, ties that could double as wrapping paper and any combination of red and green."
So the fashion gurus have spoken. And the stores beckon. And the rest is up to you.

OH MY DREIDEL!!...They even have THESE:

Ok, I admit, this is kinda cute

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