Thursday, December 28, 2006


I forgot to mention that I worked at my OTHER part time job this weekend too.
I was SUPPOSED to be the cashier at the nightclub but lately they’ve had me doing “other” things. This time I was supposed to use a blacklight to make sure that no counterfeit tickets came through the door…yeah, boring, and stupid since they NEVER gave me a blacklight and no one EVER handed me a ticket.

Sunday’s event was for Teddy Afro. He’s like the Michael Jackson of Ethiopian Reggae from what I hear..just like the last show I worked, the crowd went complete bat-shit when he came out on stage.
His opening act, Abdu Kiar came out two separate times for some reason.

The promoter had his own cashiers (4 of them???) and his own ticket takers so I basically just sat on a barstool and talked shit…I’m just SO good at that.

Ok, I’m about to offend a whole ethnic group……While they are absoulutely GORGEOUS people, Ethiopian people smell “different”. I’m sure they thought I smelled like ass crack too but..whatever.

They dress a little “different” too. It’s almost like they can’t pair decades and/or seasons and colors correctly.

For instance:

A Summer dress with leather ankle

A BRIGHT orange and black top with royal purple pants..that are highwaters..tsk tsk tsk

I guess these are technically “my people” and I shouldn’t make fun of them but, DAMN, they make it hard not to!


Orhan Kahn said...

They certenly do smell and dress differently.

David_GP_artist said...

I'm reading a book called "The Blue Nile" .. It's all about some comfortable white people trying to whatewater through Ethiopia. Kinda fun read. Also it gives some explaination for the Ethiopian qualities you've described.