Monday, November 13, 2006

I Am Such A Rockstar

Friday I worked at the club again. This time it was for a Rockstar Energy Drink function. They showcased some "local" type bands. I was able to see only one of them, EchoValve. Here's their site.
They were pretty good. (and shut up!! - I DO know a little something about rock music)
The lead singer was an iron deficient, guyliner wearing kind of way, and he sang well.

I wanted to get some free samples..(cuz that's what I do). When I got to the booth, the guy tried to make me a Jager Bomb..uh, no ..I'm on the clock..he didn't seem to care so I had to INSIST on him not making me that damn drink..jees

I worked MY OTHER job the next day..pretty celebrities came through but I did get a bastard credit card usual. I openly sarcastically laughed in his face..he had no clue what the problem was....asshole

Took my weave out on Saturday night at my friend's house. The Other Half said that was ghetto..whatever, stupid

Got the weave REdone on Sunday..ouch, my hair hurts, again.


Orhan Kahn said...

Someone will eventually point this out, but you've posted this twice. Getting distracted and thinking about Belly again?

Linka72 said...

Look here, you.
It's Damn Blogger's fault, it claimed that it lost connection when I posted it..such liars

Orhan Kahn said...

Yes, liars. I'm uncovering one right now.. bathrooms and Belly's house. I mean, come on. Who thinks of a fat persons bathroom if they never expect to have somewhere to place their vomit after sleeping with the bastard?