Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Brown Bretheren

On Friday I worked at the club again. This time the show was for Hombres G.

I have 8 words for you:

I should have taken Spanish in High School

Everybody that came up to the window asked me something in spanish. Thank god the promoter had an employee in the booth with me. One guy, after paying for his ticket, looked at me and said something that, from the look on his face, sounded dirty. I immediately launched into telling him to "fuck off" when the poor girl sitting next to me quietly explained that he was "just asking where the line started".

Ooops, My Bad

Here I am about to start an International Incident.

Speaking of incidents:
This weekend, with the help of FreeTranslation.com I left the following note on my neigbor's truck:
No estacione aqui. Estacione delante de su propio hogar. Llamare la oficina a tener su camion remolcado.
Loosely translated this means: Stop parking in my fucking parking space, asshole.

I watched the parking lot ALL DAY to see if he got the note..he did..he balled up the first one and threw it in the bushes.
But wait!! He didn't see the one on his windshield! (insert evil laught here)
He jumped out of his truck, snatched it off the windshield then got back in his truck and wrote the following note:

El pazqueo no es privado, es libre.
Yo me estaciono donde yo quiero. No me deses notas. Dimelo de trente (sp?) si me conoces.
Loosely translated this means: Bitch, are you nuts? I'll park wherever the hell I want to and if you don't like it, step to me.

Well I'll be damned...I IMMEDIATELY called the office and told him that he threatened me, yes a lie in so many words, but he's an asshole.
The manager claimed taht she would speak to him about it...later in the afternoon the fucker parked IN THE SAME EXACT space...ok, I see how it is.
Well Karma Is A Bitch - Some kids were playing in the parking lot (This is the semi ghetto ya know) and they started fighting, all of a sudden...THUD!!! Right into the fender of his truck...His alarm went of for five minutes and I laughed for at least four of them.
Needless to say, later that night, that fucker's truck was moved into a different space..far away from mine.
I still half expect him to slash my tires..who knows.

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Rachel said...

I took 2 years of spanish in high school and can barely put 3 words together.
I wish that I was fluent because I would make more $$ where I work.