Tuesday, November 14, 2006

You CAN'T Be Serious

Belly informed us that over the weekend, he installed motion-sensored surveillance cameras INSIDE his house.

I know..WTF?

I asked him if it was because his kids were sneaking out at night and he said "No"..he didn't really offer much more than "after-school, latch-key issues".
My co-worker joked that it was because his Wife was sneaking out at night...Belly got really pissed off but of course WE laughed our asses off..must've hit a nerve!!

He's probably got some sort of weird shit going on in his house..He's already made it apparent that he likes to video us so...Me and the cube mates just made a pact to NEVER use the bathroom at his house..(as if we would EVER go over there).

My co-worker just reminded me of a time she and another co-worker met Belly's wife...fucking hilarious:

She said they were standing there chit-chatting and Belly's wife started talking about something and she started to trail..off..like..she..was..in..a..daze. The broad was actually staring into the ceiling like she was fascinated by something then ALL OF A SUDDEN!!, she literally "snapped" out of it, like God slapped her or something, then went back into lucid conversation.
My co-worker said it was all she could not to laugh OUT LOUD in her face.
They said it was the strangest thing they had ever witnessed...
I make her tell the story at least once a week, she acts it out and everything, just so I can come close to pissing myself..oh. the. comedy!!

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Orhan Kahn said...

[I've] just made a pact to NEVER use the bathroom at his house..

Bit by bit, I will piece the truth together. Don't you worry about that.