Thursday, November 02, 2006

Really, Sit Your Ass Down

In yet ANOTHER attempt to get me to look at him:

I was sitting there minding my own business when Belly stands up and says (to no one in particular) "My arms hurt"..I ignored him as usual but he started to grunt and moan from his so-called pain.
I finally was forced to ask him why his arms hurt even though I suspected it was from jacking off excessively (eww, I betcha he can't even reach it).

He claimed it was from lifting monitors all day (some jackass put him in charge of workstation relocations) and then he launched into some sort of instructional presentation of how monitors are lifted. He kept saying:
Look Look Look Look..finally I looked at him and he was doing some stupid "double arm curl", trying to show me his fat-ceps. I barely looked at him but he still continued. I was half waiting for him to kiss each fat-cep..but I'm sure his chunky neck would not allow for that to happen.

If ya wanna hear Belly's laugh, YOU JUST GOTTA watch this video of the Big Lots SpokesElf contest, click on the first elf's video and you will hear the hell I have to put up with ALL DAY.


Riotgrrlwargasm said...

Oh. My. Gaawd! That is hideous! Doesn't he hear himself? I bet he can't hear that high a frequency beyond a slight ringing in his ears if he's been laughing like that all his life. I bet his mom was like, "Please God, let him grow out of that laugh so he won't be living in my basement when he's 40." Silly woman, that would involve use of the stairs.

Speaking of stairs, I was once waiting for the bus and there was a really surly fat guy complaining to another bus-waiter that he went all the way to work just to discover that the elevators were down. He just turned his portly ass around and went home, "I'll be damned if I'm going to take the stairs!" You should have seen him struggle up those three bus steps.

Have you ever thought to disable the elevators? I bet that would send Belly straight back home... I can see it now, you dressed all in black with a ski mask, breaking into your office to sabotage the lift! Hahaha!

Karen Rani said...

Is that HIM???? GAWD.

Linka72 said...

He WISHES he was as thin as that elf...he is however THAT short.

Linka72 said...


That WOULD be funny!! Too bad that a couple of times a week he uses the back stairs to come back from lunch..he' sbreathing SO hard that he has to take an inhale of his asthma inhaler..just from 2 flights of stairs..oh the hilarity

Orhan Kahn said...

You beat me to it, I was going to suggest his sore arms where due to masturbatory efforts.