Thursday, November 16, 2006

You Need A Listerine Suppository..

We had a staff meeting today..Belly INSISTED on asking 73,000 irrelevant the end of it, I'm sure my face was purple from his shit breath "fogger bomb" .

My co-worker nearly made me do a spit gag with my coffee with her comments about Belly's..well.. belly. It's SO big that he almost can't help but to cross his hands across it..It's like a handy tray table..
She proceeded to make a drawing that I just HAVE to post in my cubicle.
We also cackled on the way back about him having to lift that son of a bitch up just to piss..Just imagine the pestilence and death that's trapped under there on a hot day....oh.the.comedy.


Are Krispy Kreme Glazed Mini Crullers on the Atkins Diet?

Oooh Look!!

Didn't think so..Belly just pounded down an entire bag in one sitting. At one point he tried to offer me one but I said no.

I told him that I liked "real" crullers from Dunkin' Donuts (see pic below)

..he got all pissed and said the store he got his from was way easier to get to in the morning (so fucking what..sit down, boy??!!) It makes me laugh to know that he thinks I'm an ungrateful bitch.
He then felt the need to try to make us all feel sorry for him cheating on his diet during the above-mentioned staff it was our fault or something. He was eating some sort of concoction made of yogurt and shit chips during the meeting..nasty smacking noises for at leat 20 minutes..ewww, people kept looking at him but he didn't care.

I can't wait to ask him tomorrow what he witnessed on his surveillance camera..what a damn weirdo.


lioux said...

Yes. Apparently Co-Worker Dan is on *The Fatkins Diet*.

He too ran to Dunkin Donuts the other day.


Orhan Kahn said...

I freakin' hate work meetings where there is always one person who asks irrelevant questions and make stupid, long winded comments.