Thursday, February 21, 2008

She's Just Not That Into You

Ok so I have this part time job that I rarely go to..seems that they just don't need me but I get to keep my 40% discount (woo hoo) and when I am actually there, I take advantage of their kick ass stereo system and just dance and sing my whole piddly 4 hour shift.

Problem is:
It's a sports store and they expect you to wear tight ass outfits
Now, I'm a little fluffy around my ass parts and I just BARELY fit into their XL women's tops...big tits, back fat and a tight top are quite distracting if ya know what I mean. At least it's all technically free..(including shoes up to $120) and it's usually quite stylish. We are forced to "change up" 4 times a year.

For the past 4 years, I've battled the management over having to squeeze into my uniform because they have this "policy" (more like: "shit they made up along the way") that states that women have to wear the women's uniform and men have to wear the men's...*sigh*
Up until a couple of years ago, they let me wear the men's t-shirt offering..begrudgingly though..I know they're thinking "why can't that fat bitch just lose some weight for god's sake??"

I've been trying damn it!!! My view is that with them being a HUGE company that caters to athletes..big muscular men AND women, they should make accommodations for bigger body types in their stores and for their employees...*stepping down from soap box*

Well a new perky, skinny- bitch manager came along and "insisted" that I start wearing the women's top...yeck... So I took to wearing a corset girdle and a jacket around my waist to "hide out"...that was 15 pounds ago and I gave up the girdle but that jacket remains...

*Linka just realizes that she told you ALL that unnecessary shit to actually talk about something else* (thanks for hangin' on)

There's this girl I'll call The Other Big Broad that works there. TOBB has NEVER had a problem wearing what they gave her and I am routinely blessed with having to look at 15 inches of her naked back and ass crack every time she bends over at the register because she just has to wear the required uniform..jeeesus..
But even with all of that, I've always been nice to her...

A) Every time I say hi to her she kind of gives me the "whatever, ho" look and forces herself to say hi back to me
B) She was pregnant and I asked if she was doing ok and she dissed me again!!
C) I called asking for my schedule and she threw the phone down without saying "hold please", comes back to the phone rattles off my schedule all fast then when I said "thank you" she just said "yeah" and hung up

This bitch is really trying my patience...

Me being the worrier that I am, I racked my brain trying to figure out why this heffa hates me..then I remembered:
I guess one day a couple of years ago, during the forced staff dress change, I said something to the effect of: "I'm not TOBB, I refuse to wear that tight ass top..blah blah blah... ya aint gonna have MY fat ass on display..blah blah blah"

Maybe somebody blabbed...oops...maybe I should shut my mouth sometimes.


The Bad Penny said...

I just found your blog. You crack my shit up. I love it. Thanks!


Linka..girl, I so wished you worked with have me rolling!