Friday, February 15, 2008

God..I LOVE That Man

TOH is so cute.
When I walked in the door last night he was right were he should have the kitchen, cookin' my damn dinner..haha
He looked so nervous, poor thing. I asked him if he needed help but he directed me to shoo fly to the living room.
He had set the table...where did he find those candles?..(I swear I hid them behind the TV because they were ugly) Please excuse the naked walls and change on the floor...TOH has taken the other two chairs to his "man room" for comfort..I tried to move them back but it just caused an argument.
He was cooking shrimp when I came in so I thought he was going to make his famous shrimp and pasta but he presented me with this:( meat)

Urrmph..getting verklempt again....look at the shrimp all in a row..I was all ready to throw my panties at him right then and there but he asked that I please wait until after dessert (I married a prude) He later admitted that he bought the green beans from Whole Foods when he was buying the steak and shrimp..they were damn good anyway.

A mini cheesecake with a cherry on top....Tito, get me a tissue.
Dinner talk consisted of me gingerly asking if it was ok for me to stop taking the pill..He said "That would be great..I'm ready when you're ready"...*gasp* I guess we'll be working on a baby this year..more on that in a later post.
After dinner we watched "Why Did I Get Married"..I love that damn movie because I thought it would give us an opportunity to talk about marriage..but we mostly just made fun of the actor's clothes and hair..We're made for each other I guess.


DIXIECHICK said... romantic. He is a man needs to take some V Day lessons from yours..I took myself out to eat with eight year old..he stayed, well...your happiness makes me happy. A baby? Yippee!

Anonymous said...

How every sweet! Hey congratulations on working on a baby!! Have fun :)

legalcat said...

Congrats..Your TOH and mine should hook up and swap ideas.
I woke up to roses,some james patterson novels,Tiramisu And cannoli's(im borderline diabetic)-cant figure out if he reely loves me,or trying to off me early :^)..
seriously- many blessings and happy 'ya know' with the baby making! your blog makes me almost pee my pants..keep 'em coming girl!

AtYourCervix said...

Ohhhh, you've got a good man Linka!!

(Does he have a fever? Was he sick? Turning down sex in favor of eating that delicious food first???)