Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day..Woo Hoo??

Well Happy Damn Valentine's Day!!

I'm sitting here at work watching all my female co-workers working themselves into a froth over their rose and candy deliveries...oh shut the hell up already.

I'm already over this "holiday" and it's only 9 am. Sorry, but I seem to stepped in some shitty attitude on the way to work.

I'm SO not the romantic type...yes, it would be nice sometimes to be all mushy and covered in flowers and shit but it's just not realistic right now.

TOH, however, has gotten the impression that I'm some sort of materialistic gold-digger that expects the world today. I've promised him that I'd wait until our first anniversary to turn into that broad but he didn't think it was funny....

For the past week he's been "preparing" me for just how "budget" this V-Day is going to be. I told him that I'd appreciate ANYthing that he did for me because I knew it would be coming from his heart but he's still acting all strange and embarrassed.

He told me not to expect:

Big bunches of flowers
Ridiculously large boxes of candy
Lots of Lotto money (he forgot to play the office Lotto pool and I cussed him out)
A really expensive, elaborate dinner
A brand new Aston Martin DB9

Damn!! I really wanted that last one..but oh well.

All this anticipation is kind of ruining it for are so insecure...but they are just so damn cute. (except Belly)

Well, I have to get back to raising my blood sugar by humoring my silly co-workers and eating all the candy they keep leaving on my desk..I wouldn't want to seem rude....oh shit, here comes Belly, smiling and shit..prepare to vomit.



Seems like you and I have the same exact feelings toward you have a good one!

Suze said...

Let's see today I ate a Valentine's cranberry muffin, a heart shaped Krispy Kreme donut and two pieces of chocolate. I'm officially tired of eating crap today.