Thursday, February 28, 2008

HBO And Showtime Can Go To Hell

You wanna know what I hate???

Sure you do.

I hate when cable networks release shitty, watered down versions of their original series so that they can be shown on network TV....

For instance Dexter. I fucking LOVE that show..until I saw it being shown on CBS on Sunday..are you kidding me??

Other shows that suck now:

Sex And The City...pisses me off every time I see it on the Directv guide..but I plan on seeing the movie..maybe

The Wire...on BET??? SO not the same (Oh, and by the the HELL do you kill off the best character - Omar????)

The Sopranos..Oh, I'm STILL irked by that one being on A&E

In my opinion, if you put out a certain product, you meant for it to be that way, not altered to "appeal to the masses"..why change it???

*stepping down from soapbox*

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