Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Grammy Talk..Late As Usual

The Red comment
Is it me or did Aretha Franklin look like a big ole piece of Key Lime Pie...

Maybe that was the look she was going for....hmmm, pie
Me and TOH traded Aretha insults till I almost peed myself
Me: Good Lord, she looks thick and creamy
TOH: Who is she kidding with the spaghetti strap??
Me: Looks like it's cutting into her meat
TOH: mmm..meat
Me: I heard she was on Weight Watchers
TOH: *ha* She looks like she should be endorsing insulin shots
Then TOH's friend calls to add:
"So Aretha hasn't had ANYTHING amputated yet??..amazing..."
Me: She really needs to stop jiggling...Ya think Janet caused a rukus with her "wardrobe malfunction"..imagine if that strap gives way...titties galore!!
[insert tears and howling here]
We are so mean..but that's what we do.


Anonymous said...

Great, now I want Key Lime Pie and it's 10:29 on a Wednesday night. Thanks!

Oola said...

Oh, wait until you see Ms Franklin on the Image awards.. her shawl looks like half of that inflatable suit Missy wears in the Super Duper Fly video.