Friday, February 01, 2008

SO Not Cute

I found myself watching Bad Girls Club on Oxygen the other day..I hate that I tend to get pulled in by these bulshitty shows..but I was bored.

There's this girl on there named Tanisha..where should I start?
She's loud, rude and ridiculous...and on top of all of that she wears sadly inappropriate clothing..

I know what you're saying: "Linka, that sound JUST like YOU!!"

Well the difference with me is that I WEAR CLOTHES THAT FIT!!!! One of my biggest pet peeves is when us big girls refuse to believe that we could possibly be fat. You've seen them before...wearing a size 13 when they know damn well they should be in a size 18..or 30.

My co-worker has this "disease"...poor thing looks like a sausage at least 4 times a week.
I tried to get her to talk about shopping for clothes one day and she told me that she "refuses to buy clothes in the size she is now..because she anticipates losing a lot of weight"...that was 2 years ago..she's still fat. (She's one of those people that used to be "fine" the 70's)
If I had a camera phone, I would show you a picture of this top she wears..the buttons, oh the buttons are BARELY hanging on..literally by a thread. I'm pretty sure she invented the Muffin Top....po' chiiile'.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think it's my duty to assault you with a daily view of my back fat and ass cellulite by wearing cheap knit clothing...if I could just get a loan for liposuction everything would be fine....

I want to pull Tanisha to the side and give her some wardrobe advice..."Look Tanisha, they make this in a size 20..let's try it on.."

Ok..stepping of my fat girl high horse.


DIXIECHICK said... are too funny! Shit like that irritates me too...

Renaissance Woman said...

I have seen that same show and have thought the exact same thing! Thank you for saying for the world to read!