Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Am SO Jane Fonda...

I went to the gym last night and finally figured out what these damn healthy people are talking about.....

I got on the treadmill and after 15 minutes at an "almost" running pace...I FELT FREAKIN' GREAT!!!

No pain in my knees

No pain in my ass

Exercise almost seemed like fun.. who knew??

Then it was all ruined..the treadmill next to me was wobbly so anyone who got on it, soon got off if it...except for this little old Asian lady...who insisted on staying...get ready to be offended, Asian people...

She smelled of garlic SO BAD, that it ran me out of the treadmill area...yeck!!

And wouldn't you know it, she then showed up in my water aerobics class..damn it all to hell!!!!

Speaking of aerobics, my spirit is STILL broken from the whole Cardio Funk incident..I TRIED to go back to that class but my legs wouldn't move..

damn evil Cardio Funk.

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