Monday, April 30, 2007


Now that I have laughed my entire ass off, I can now post about what Belly said today.

Here's how the convo went

Time: Around noon
Scene: Linka's pod area

Shorty: Hmm, what's that smell?
Linka72: I dunno..smells like ketchup
Shorty: Or maybe barbecue sauce...
Belly: Actually, it smells like ketchup on some hot fries - The real thick ones with the crinkles in them, or maybe steak fries..don'tcha think?
Linka AND Shorty: Huh??
Linka: (Laughing like hell) How on earth did you determine from just the SMELL of just ketchup that there were fries involved AND also what do "thick" fries smell like??

The look on his face was fucking priceless....all he could say was:

Well, you know I have "the food addiction thing".....

I just thought to myself, (and you could tell Shorty was thinking the same thing) "Yeah, that's pretty damn obvious"

And just because I'm a hateful bitch, I brought it up AGAIN just so me and Shorty could laugh at Belly. Belly then tried to joke that his sense of smell "could sometimes be a curse" he's a superhero or something

Possible Names For Belly's Superhero:

1. Captain Fat Ass
2. The Black Hole
3. Super Chunk
4. Belly Man
5. The Cellulite Avenger
6. Wonder Stomach

OK..I'm tapped out..any suggestions

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