Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Old People Are Fun

The people in my new Swim Aerobics class are rowdy and belligerent....


My work schedule changed recently (more on THAT bullshit later) so I had to switch to a Monday morning class.

My newest observation: Monday morning Swim Aerobics class at Bally Total Fitness is like a nightclub/orgy for old people.

I got there a little early and while I was swimming around, the rest of the class started showing up. I thought it would just be a few little old ladies, but to my surprise, a few little old men showed up...you would have thought they were rock stars by the way the ladies were greeting them...freakin hilarious.
By the middle of the class, the rowdy meter was at about 7..they were all talking and laughing and shit. Then the instructor had us do some punching moves under the water:

Instructor: "Imagine yourself punching somebody..who would you like to punch today?"
Old Black Lady: YOU!!
Rest Of Class: *Cackling like hyenas*
Me: *Gasping, Clutching my pearls* (thinking) Grandma!! You are COMPLETELY out of control!!

That shit was pretty funny though- what was even funnier was the fact that the instructor laughed..she must be used to these people I guess.

I may have mentioned before, that to me, locker rooms are disgusting..Naked is not always what I'm ready to see all early in the morning and shit.....Imagine being in there with a room full of ass-nekked "blue hairs".

Truly a life changing experience.....

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Your blog is so funny. I hope you get plenty of hits. It really makes my day reading some of your musings, especially this one. I hang around some of those "blue hairs" (I'm thirtysomething) and some of the things they say just kill me. (They're nice people who have known me forever, and I realized in my 20s they were really funny).